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We work with a vast range of clients – of all sizes – from independent start-ups to large  size companies.
We truly welcome branding and design challenges.

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"Getting to know  the Menta Creative team was one of the best decisions I have made.

The one on one approach provided my Menta Creative is what businesses are looking for to give you a better understanding of the overall goal and that is by providing more traffic into our business.
They re-designed my website for a more modern and clean look and the final result was beyond my expectations and at a resounding turnaround time.

Menta Creative also introduced me to new formats of on line bookings and on line ordering which have cut my costs tremendously from other leading media names.

They are my one stop shopping when it comes to web design,  marketing, media and menu designs."

“We have been using Menta Creative for many years.

They have always managed to create and give us what we need, meeting and exceeding our expectations. Their service is fast, reliable and affordable.

They work with you to meet whatever needs you are looking for.”



Menta Creative has been the creative force behind Santorini Estatorio’s image and brand, bringing to life our concept and identity.  Their professional approach, design concepts and distinct methods have shaped our vision into reality.  

Menta Creative and in particular Pano, have handled all aspects of our branding which include website design, menu development, social media and marketing and all printing needs.  

Menta Creative has been extremely innovative, suggesting and implementing ways in which we can take our traditional identity to new levels.  We are so thankful for their supportive approach and how they have created a powerful relationship between their insight, our roots and our identity.  

Our goal has been to service our customers and Menta Creative has afforded us the opportunity to do just this.